February 16, 2020

Self-Styled Apostle Sparks Holocaust Visions
with TLR Slam after Jarring Abbott Analogy

By Mike Hailey
Capitol Inside Editor

Texas Railroad Commission
Donations & Loans
Cash on Hand Jan 23
Josh Wallenstein (D)
House District 138
30 Day Report: $1,915
Total Donations: $98,216
Campaign Loans: $15,000
Cash on Hand: $54,951
Akilah Bacy (D)
House District 138
30 Day Report: $10,423
Total Donations: $60,231
Campaign Loans: $0
Cash on Hand: $35,359
Lacey Hull (R)
House District 138
30 Day Report: $1,966
Total Donations: $52,052
Campaign Loans: $0
Cash on Hand: $44,477
Josh Flynn (R)
House District 138
30 Day Report: $8,500
Total Donations $20,580
Campaign Loans: $0
Cash on Hand: $17,051
Claver Kamau-Imani (R)
House District 138
30 Day Report: $3,997
Total Donations:$22,877
Campaign Loans: $0
Cash on Hand: $18,139

Source: Texas Ethics

A state House hopeful who bills himself as The Apostle branded the Texans for Lawsuit Refom as a pro-genocide group on Sunday after portraying Governor Greg Abbott as a leader with a "spine of overcooked linguine" in a weekend Twitter barrage.

went ballistic on Twitter after Abbott endorsed primary rival Lacey Hull in an open race in a district that Democrats are confident about flipping this fall.

Kamau-Imani, who's African-American, vowed in the social media tirade to never accept "blood money" from the TLR political action committee that contributed $10,000 to Hull in December in the fight for the seat that GOP State Rep. Dwayne Bohac of Houston is giving up with a re-election race in 2020.

Kamau-Imani portrayed Hull as a candidate who's "plutocratic possessed" while insisting that he's the only bona fide anti-establishment contender in the HD 138 race this year.

Kamau-Imani dismissed a second primary opponent - Josh Flynn - of effectively handing a seat on the Harris County Education Board as a candidate who'd already been declared ineligible by the local GOP in a decision that's been under dispute. Flynn is the son of veteran Republican State Rep. Dan Flynn of Van.

The GOP nominee in HD 138 will face the Democrat who emerges victorious from the initial primary vote or a spring runoff in a district where Democratic contenders Josh Wallenstein and Akilah Bacy have been the leading fundraisers. Democrat Jenifer Rene Pool with be on the first-round ballot as well in HD 138 where she hasn't raised any money but could force the race into overtime nonetheless.

HD 138 had been safely Republican until President Donald Trump lost to Hillary Clinton there in 2016 by one-tenth of a percentage point. Democrat Beto O'Rourke carried HD 138 two years later when he defeated Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz there by more than 6 points.

A part-time preacher who made a name for himself in conservative circles as the Raging Elephants radio chief executive, Kamau-Imani has reaped a windfall of support on the hard right with mega-donor Farris Wilks of Cisco and the Texas Right to Life PAC in his corner for the primary battle.

But Kamau-Imani indicated that he views the Republican governor's support for Hull as a badge of honor. "I wouldn't want his endorsement if my life depended on it," Kamau-Imani tweeted on Saturday. "Here's the thing. The Austin Sewer KNOWS not to knock on my door. I'm their worse enemy. My election means their demise."

Some of Kamau-Imani's supporters have depicted him as a President Donald Trump reincarnation at the state level. But Kamau-Imani could find a potential Trump endorsement elusive as a result of comments that many Republicans will find to be highly-insensitive with the creative analogy that he used to characterize his perception of the governor has a gutless politician who's sold out to the establishment.

Abbott has been confined to a wheelchair since losing the use of his legs when a tree limb crashed on him while he was jogging in Houston in the 1980s where he was studying for the bar exam as a recent law school graduate. The governor's personal story about refusing to give up in the face of unfathomable tragedy has been one of his strongest assets as a candidate who's gone undefeated in races for state Supreme Court, Texas attorney general and governor.

Kamau-Imani is running the risk of losing support with the choice of metaphors that he used to characterize a governor who's literally had a spine of steel for almost three dozen years.

The Texans for Lawsuit Reform has contributed substantially more to GOP campaigns in Texas in the past two decades than any other organization. But the Bayou City Apostle pointed out on social media today that TLR has also backed Democrats from time to time in primary fights with opponents who'd been bankrolled by trial lawyers.

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