May 20, 2020

David Dewhurst Love Life Takes New Stormy Turn
with Alleged Attack after Ex Slapped Him with Suit

By Mike Hailey
Capitol Inside Editor

Former Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst is finding the women in his life to be just as tough to beat in fights as the political opponents who ran hard to the right against him in his last two campaigns that he lost as a heavy early favorite.

Nine months after Dewhurst's most recent ex-wife sued him for millions of dollars that she says he promised to pay in their divorce decree, the former Republican state Senate president apparently piqued the wrath of a current girlfriend who's reportedly facing assault charges in connection with a couple of alleged confrontations in the past week at his home in Houston.

A reporter for the Fox affiliate in Houston revealed in a tweet on Wednesday that the 74-year-old former statewide leader suffered two broken ribs after allegedly being kicked by Leslie Ann Caron - a political fundraiser and organizer who'd apparently been romantically involved with Dewhurst for about a year.

Caron has been accused in Harris County of kicking, biting and attacking Dewhurst with a kitchen pot according to Greg Groogan of Fox 26 news. The charges that have apparently been filed against Caron could be magnified as a result of Dewhurst's official status as elderly. Caron is 40.

Dewhurst was forced to do battle on a different front when Patricia Bivins took him to court a year ago in Harris County amid the assertion that he'd balked on almost on $7 million that she claims he owes her as a consequence of their divorce settlement in 2016. Bivins contended that Dewhurst had had failed to pay her back for more than $3 million in separate loans that she says she made to him during the marriage that

Bivins - the wife of a former Republican state senator from the Amarillo area - married Dewhurst in 2009 in a wedding that they kept secret until the vows had been exchanged. Teel Bivins, who'd been one of the Senate's most powerful members before he stepped down in 2004, died the same year that his ex-wife tied the knot with Dewhurst.

An attorney and lobbyist who's represented major energy firms in at the capitols in Austin and Washington D.C. and the courthouse as well, Tricia Bivins purchased a home in the posh River Oaks neighborhood several days after the divorce with Dewhurst was finalized almost a year after he'd filed for it. The residence that's across the street from the Houston Country Club has a market value now of almost $2.9 million.

Shortly after Dewhurst and Bivins were married they purchased a condo worth more than $2 million at the Houstonian - a luxurious residential tower that had been George H.W. Bush's official home address while he was serving as the president in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Dewhurst had been 55 years old in 1995 when he married a previous wife who'd been a former model and 38 at the time. They got a divorce six years later when he'd been in the final year of a stint as Texas land commissioner and gearing for a lieutenant governor's bid in 2002.

The relationship with Bivins apparently ended badly - and her daughter who's 16 came to the defense of Caron this afternoon with a social media post that portrayed Dewhurst as an abusive alcoholic.

"I am certain he started it," Carolyn Bivins declared in a tweet without any evidence to substantiate the claim. "He was my stepdad, so I have witnesses his bad habit of drinking too much and becoming violent."

A towering figure who'd played basketball at the University of Arizona after growing up in the Bayou City, Dewhurst always looked much younger than his age as someone who'd remained physically fit and known for being an immaculate dresser.

Dewhurst was elected as the Senate's presiding officer after breaking into politics as the head of the General Land Office for four years. Dewhurst was re-elected without significant opposition in 2006 and 2010 and received rave reviews for his performance at the upper chamber helm during the first half of his tenure as the lieutenant governor.

But after leading the Senate in a bipartisan fashion with a relatively moderate agenda by tea party standards, Dewhurst took a turn to the right during his final term in an unsuccessful attempt to win support on the hard right that would turn against him in losing races for the U.S. Senate in 2012 and re-election two years later.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz had been a prohibitive underdog eight years ago before defeating Dewhurst in a GOP primary runoff election that the Senate boss probably would have won if it hadn't been delayed by a court battle over redistricting.

Current Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick unseated Dewhurst in a primary runoff in 2014 after appearing to be an ally with an appointment as the Senate Education Committee chairman the previous year.

Dewhurst has suggested several times since leaving public office that he might attempt a comeback at some point with another political campaign.


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