February 22, 2020

GOP Apostle Scorches Dems in Ad with Racism Charges
as Primary Rival Touts Abbott Rally Plans in Target Race

By Mike Hailey
Capitol Inside Editor

Josh Wallenstein (D)
House District 138
30 Day Report: $1,915
Total Donations: $98,216
Campaign Loans: $15,000
Cash on Hand: $54,951
Akilah Bacy (D)
House District 138
30 Day Report: $10,423
Total Donations: $60,231
Campaign Loans: $0
Cash on Hand: $35,359
Lacey Hull (R)
House District 138
30 Day Report: $1,966
Total Donations: $52,052
Campaign Loans: $0
Cash on Hand: $44,477
Claver Kamau-Imani (R)
House District 138
30 Day Report: $3,997
Total Donations:$22,877
Campaign Loans: $0
Cash on Hand: $18,139
Josh Flynn (R)
House District 138
30 Day Report: $8,500
Total Donations $20,580
Campaign Loans: $0
Cash on Hand: $17,051

Source: Texas Ethics


An African-American Republican is accusing Democrats of racism in a new campaign commercial for an open Texas House race in the Houston area where he's been just as tough on a primary foe who's the apparent frontrunner.

Claver Kamau-Imani, a firebrand conservative who bills himself as The Apostle, unveiled the attack video this weekend in a move that he followed up with an escalated attempt to tie GOP primary foe Lacey Hull to liberal Democrats.

Hull, who's been the clear-cut establishment choice in HD 138, countered by announcing that Governor Greg Abbott would be staging a get-out-the-vote rally on her behalf on Monday in House District 138. Abbott's plans to campaign for Hull will viewed in part as payback for a highly-offensive personal remark that Kamau-Imani made about the governor on social media a week ago.

Hull sought to shore up her credentials as a conservative by touting an endorsement that she received late this week from freshman Republican U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Houston. GOP State Reps. Tom Oliverson of Cypress and Steve Toth of The Woodlands are backing Hull along with several local elected officials.

Kamau-Imani takes aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Houston in the new ad that brands both as racists. Kamau-Imani makes the same claim on a pair of prominent civil rights leaders who he refers to as Al "Checkdown" Sharpton and Jesse "Castration" Jackson.

The nickname that Kamau-Imani assigned to the legendary civil rights activist and former presidential candidate stems from a crude remark that Jackson made about Barack Obama during a break in a television interview in 2008. Kamau-Imani offers nothing in the new spot to substantiate the allegations of racial hypocrisy in American politics.

Kamau-Imani has been hounding Hull about support that she's received from the Texans for Lawsuit Reform political action committee. Kamau-Imani, who's portrays himself as staunchly anti-establishment, has contended that TLR donations are tantamount to blood money because the group has given to some Democrats in the past.

"The list of pro-abortion Democrats that have been backed by TLR is long and rich," Kamau-Imani declared in a tweet on Friday. "Why would any Republican support a candidate that has aligned themselves with the culture of death? Lacey Hull is so aligned, with glee and no regret."

The roar from the Kamau-Imani camp has all but drowned out the rival party in a three-way primary fight could culminate in a spring runoff with Houston Democrats Akilah Bacy and Josh Wallenstein.

Bacy revealed Saturday night on Twitter that she'd voted for Elizabeth Warren for president today at the primary polls. Bacy has the deep-pocket group Annie's List in her corner in HD 138 where Wallenstein secured a key endorsement last week from the Tejano Democrats.

The Democratic nominee will expect to be a slight early favorite in the general election in HD 138 where GOP State Rep. Dwayne Bohac of Houston isn't running again in 2020. A victory in the Bohac district that's leaned blue in the last two cycles is critical to the Democrats in a quest to reclaim the House majority at the polls in November with a net gain of nine or more.

But the Republicans have had a monopoly on the fireworks in HD 138 where a significant number of conservative leaders and groups are breaking ranks with the governor as Kamau-Imani backers with the race heading into the final days before the primary vote on March 3. The Texas Right to Life PAC has been the leading contributor to the Kamau-Imani campaign that reaped an endorsement this weekend from East Texas tea party leader JoAnn Fleming.

The rhetorical war that Kamau-Imani has declared on Democrats could be his way of trying to defend President Donald Trump from accusations of racism from critics on the left.


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