February 28, 2020

New Poll Finds Sanders with Sweet Lead in Texas
Where Bloomberg is the Only Dem Beating Trump

By Mike Hailey
Capitol Inside Editor

The latest Texas poll shows Bernie Sanders riding a wave of Hispanic support to a significant lead in the Democratic presidential sweepstakes as the race jets into the final four days before the Super Tuesday primary election.

But the Univision News poll found Mike Bloomberg as the only Democrat in the White House competition beating President Donald Trump in the Lone Star State in potential pairing in the November general election.

The poll that the firm Latino Decisions conducted for the Spanish-language television network shows Bloomberg edging Trump in Texas by a single percentage point with 44 percent support here. Trump and Sanders both had 45 percent of the Texans who participated in the survey in their respective corners in a hypothetical clash at the top of the ticket this fall.

Trump led Joe Biden by 3 points in a possible November duel in the Univision poll that found the former vice president tied with Bloomberg at 20 percent each. Sanders led the pack with a thumbs up from 26 percent of the Texas voters in the sample in the survey that was taken over the course of a five-day period that ended on Wednesday.

Fresh off of wins in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, the U.S. senator from Vermont was the most popular option among Latino voters here with 31 percent support in that critical voting bloc. But the poll found Bloomberg gaining strength among Texas Hispanics with 23 percent support compared to only 19 percent for Biden.

Elizabeth Warren - the U.S. senator from Massachusetts - had her worst showing in Texas since last spring with a mere 11 percent of the Democrats in the Univision poll in her camp. Trump would beat Warren by 7 points here if the two squared off in the general election this year based on the survey findings.

Biden had a commanding lead in Texas for a year before Sanders passed him here in polling this month. But Biden had appeared to be regrouping when he and Sanders were running neck and neck in the two most recent polls on the primary competition in the state with the second most delegates on the line.

Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor, has been surging as the only major Democratic contender who's appearing on the ballot for the first time in Texas and 13 other states that are staging primary elections on Tuesday.

The Univision poll was conducted in a partnership with the Center for Mexican American Studies at the University of Houston. A survey that the Hobby School of Public Affairs at UH has taken in Texas earlier this month had Bloomberg in fourth here behind Warren.


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