May 21, 2020

Senator Reads Between the Lines of Dem Video
with Counterfire that Takes China Big Book Page

Royce West Video

China Big Book

By Mike Hailey
Capitol Inside Editor

With American voters obsessed with the coronavirus and ignoring the campaigns as a result, U.S. Senator John Cornyn hadn't really had a chance to capitalize on the exhaustive GOP battle plan for a rhetorical attack on China in retaliation for keeping the U.S. in the dark on the details about the coronavirus when it was killing people there late last year.

But the veteran lawmaker was ready to let the missiles fly on Wednesday when he accused State Senator Royce West of being a China apologist based on a new video that the Dallas Democrat posted online today in an attempt to get his campaign for the U.S. Senate rolling again after being sidelined by the virus for more than two months.

The Cornyn team was so eager to strike that it didn't seem concerned that West doesn't say a word in the ad about China or the senator's push to have the United States punish the Chinese government for not doing more to try to contain the spread of COVID-19 before it headed off to America.

West, who faces MJ Hegar in a primary runoff bout this summer, depicted Cornyn in the ad as a passive racist who turns the other cheek when President Donald Trump is insulting African-Americans and baiting his base with bigoted innuendos as a way to fire his supporters up.

West, who's black, contends in the one-minute video pitch that Cornyn has attempted to exploit stereotypes about African-Americans being lazy by referring to the state lawmaker sarcastically as "Restful Royce." The West ad asserts that Cornyn has remained mum or pretended that he hadn't been listening whenever Trump uses race as a motivational rally stick.

But West opens the commercial by contending that Cornyn had been employing a "racist dogwhistle" as a weapon to attack the longtime solon. The Cornyn camp apparently interpreted that to be a thinly-veiled salvo directed at the federal legislator for being at the forefront of the charge to blame China for the coronavirus.

Regardless of whether the massive extrapolation had some truth to it, Cornyn was prepared to fight back like the National Republican Senatorial Committee has instructed the party's candidates to do whenever someone suggests that an attempt to seek revenge against the pandemic perpetrators is race baiting.

"Shockingly, the West Campaign produced a video confirming that it’s own candidate doesn’t think the Chinese government should be held accountable for it’s action – and inaction – surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic," Cornyn campaign press secretary Krista Piferrer declared in an email to supporters.

"Only Radical Royce would defend the systemic lying about the size and scope of COVID-19 by the Communist Chinese government resulting in a global pandemic that is killing hundreds of thousands of people and causing economic devastation around the world," Piferrer added.

The Cornyn counteroffensive follows the same basic line of reasoning that the NRSC endorsed when it distributed the China Big Book to GOP nominees amid the warning that they could expect to be accused of racism when they put the advice in the 57-page talking points document to use and hope to stay on message.

Here's an excerpt ...


Answers To Likely Arguments:

Q: Isn’t this Trump’s fault?

Note - don’t defend Trump, other than the China Travel Ban -- attack China

A. This is China’s fault. The virus came from China and China covered it up. Because China lied about the extent of the virus, our public health officials acted late.

A. I wish that everyone acted earlier -- that includes our elected officials, the World Health Organization, and the CDC.

A. I’m glad that President Trump acted early to ban travel to China -- that’s something my Democratic opponent did not support and that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi criticized as xenophobic and racist.

Q: Aren’t you being racist by blaming China and causing racist attacks against Chinese Americans?

A. No one is blaming Chinese Americans. This is the fault of the Chinese Communist Party for covering up the virus and lying about it’s danger. This caused the pandemic and they should be held accountable.

A. And no one has suffered more from the murderous Communist Chinese Party dictatorship than the people of China. We stand with them against their corrupt government that caused this pandemic.

Answers To Likely Arguments:

“It’s racist to call this the Chinese virus”

A. There is a long history of calling viruses by the location that they originated in, and this is no different.


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