Sarah Davis
Most Valuable Player
Houston Republican
Texas House


Texas House Speaker
Joe Straus Leader Team
Biggest Overall Winner

Incumbent Wins 20
Incumbent Losses 2
Open Race Wins 3

Open Race Losses 4

Open Race Runoffs 5

Secretary of State
Election Returns

March 2018

Sarah Davis

House Republican Who's Liberal in Tea Party Eyes Wins Big in Duel with Abbott
GOP incumbent deals rare setback to Abbott in clinic on the art of the retail campaign when you know your district.

Jessica Gonzalez

#MeToo Crusade Fuels Challenger Democrat with Singular Issue Boost
Candidate with initial feud proxy look tailors bid for women voter flood en route to huge House primary win.


Open House Race Hopeful Finds Way to Win with Less in Primary Field with Four Foes
School trustee beat tea party foe despite late start and big money gap in race that he ran as local campaign.

Ken Strange


Veteran State Senator Derails Tag Team Strategy with Runoff Escape Amid Hard Right Fire
West Texan shows hard right that Panhandle Republican is distinct brand that frowns on outsider dictate attempts.

Kel Seliger


Pat Fallon

Challenger Posts 40 Point Blowout as Senator Who Played Both Sides Crashes
Shocking Senate race box score was product of cash, vulnerable incumbent, tea party and Dan Patrick.


ART Rides to Establishment Rescue in Final Goodbye to 11th Commandment
Group that trailblazer John Tower inspired comes through in clutch after four decades of primary neutrality.


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