November 29, 2018

Democratic Strategists Who Refused to Quit
Reap High Honors in Beto Blue Wave Wake

In a state that's been a gold mine for Republican strategists during the past decade, the best advice that any Texas candidate received this year came from a Democrat and didn't cost a dime. The candidate was the consultant in the incredible Beto O'Rourke for the U.S. Senate in 2018.

The Capitol Inside Political Consultants Scorecard for the general election is still dominated by individuals and firms that have had key roles in the preservation of the Republican empire in the state that's been the largest red bastion on the American political map for most of the past two decades. Murphy Nasica continues to be in a league of its own in the political advisory industry in Texas in the wake of an election cycle that ended several days before one of its clients claimed a tentative victory in the first open race for state House speaker in more than two dozen years. Murphy Nasica had been a runaway leader in the accumulation of points for its work on behalf of several dozen candidates for the Legislature and Congress in the primary and runoff elections before adding Governor Greg Abbott to its stable for a fall fight that he won with the highest share of the vote for a nominee on the statewide GOP ticket with Democratic opposition.


Most Valuable Consultant
James Aldrete

Most Valuable Team
Matt Angle & Lisa Turner

Primary Election Scorecard

Primary Runoff Scorecard


But the Republicans' latest statewide sweep didn't capture the essence of a Texas general election from which the Democrats emerged as the big winners as a result of the unprecedented coattails that O'Rourke had as a candidate who almost pulled off the impossible in a race that U.S. Senator Ted Cruz began as a prohibitive favorite and feels extremely fortunate now to have won by less than 3 percentage points. A third-term congressional member from the remote outpost of El Paso, O'Rourke went from political nobody to national celebrity in a blink without the luxury of a general consultant who would have only been in the way for a challenger who ran out of the box as his own chief advisor with a highly-unconventional campaign that was off-the-charts spectacular despite the fact that he lost.

One of the most amusing aspects of this year's elections had to be the way some of the nation's most high-powered political consultants and commentators claimed O'Rourke blew it by not relying on outside help to tell him that he needed to focus more on independents and moderate Republicans with a more well-defined message to have any chance for an upset in a battle with an incumbent with maximum name identification.

But the arm-chair quarterbacks turned out to be wrong when Republicans like Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and Attorney General Ken Paxton received about 220,000 and 150,000 more votes respectively than O'Rourke secured in a state where 8.3 million were cast in the U.S. Senate contest at the top of the ballot. The cold hard truth is that none of the political consultants who've been the best in the business in the USA have ever guided a campaign to the kind of heights where O'Rourke soared as a candidate who paved the way for the Democrats to pick up 12 Texas House seats, two state Senate seats and two more here on the congressional battlefield where Democrats took the U.S. House back at the polls this month.

While O'Rourke made a name for himself initially by eschewing politics as usual with a campaign that he promised to run without PAC cash or hot-shot consultants, he actually spent close to $50 million or more on outside consulting services with the lion's share of that going to firms in the Washington D.C. area. But O'Rourke was basically paying political professionals to implement the strategy that he'd conceived for a campaign that may very well be a springboard to a confrontation with President Donald Trump in the race for the White House two years from now. O'Rourke - however - ran independently of the Democratic Party and didn't appear to be going out of his way to help the candidates on the ticket below him. The Democrats who had the luxury of a radioactive president to run against might have done half as well in legislative contests and races for Congress in Texas without O'Rourke crowning the ticket. But the blue wave appeared to be magnified in Dallas County as a result of highly-competitive races at the federal, state and local levels that had the effect of a coordinated campaign in the state's second largest urban area where the Democrats who've been honored here as the most valuable players in the general election have been laying the framework for such an event for years.

Some Democratic strategists had key roles in the minority party's success here this fall even though they didn't have a sufficient number of clients in Texas to qualify for the consultants scoreboard. Opposition research specialist Jason Sanford had a part in the anti-Ted Cruz super PAC called FTC while digging up information to use against Republicans for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Chelsea Roe - a former communications director for Democratic U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey of Fort Worth - got off to an auspicious start with a firm she founded last year called Leaven Strategies Group as a consultant on an array of fronts for Dallas Democrat Julie Johnson in a successful bid for a Texas House seat that a tea party Republican had held for two terms. Roe's fledgling agency represented the FTC PAC and her former boss Veasey as well.

Houston area public relations executive Judy Foston appeared to have the most prominent role for a Texan in the supporting consultant cast for the O'Rourke campaign that relied mostly on outside help from Washington and other states. The U.S. Senate contender paid in the neighborhood of $800,000 to the Richmond-based firm Foston International for television and radio production and other communications services. Foston International had been enlisted by Houston Democrat Lizzie Pannill Fletcher as well for a campaign culminated in veteran Republican U.S. Rep. John Culberson's ouster from Congress while working for the DCCC, the First Tuesday PAC in Houston and Democratic lieutenant governor nominee Mike Collier as well. Foster is an African-American marketing and broadcast professional who'd been the executive producer for legendary local TV and radio personality Wash Allen. She introduced O'Rourke to black leaders in the state's largest city and rallied them behind his campaign.

But there was minimal cause for cheer across the aisle in the political consulting business in Texas. A few of the top strategists for the ruling Republicans here found the blue wave to be less intense in other red states that didn't have O'Rourke as a down-ballot game-changer for the opposing party. Veteran Austin consultant Susan Lilly - the preeminent fundraiser for Republicans in Texas throughout the last decade - went to Florida Governor Rick Scott's defense in the final months of a U.S. Senate race that he won in a recount two weeks after the election in a state where he unseated incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson. The top GOP pollster here in recent years - Ragnar Research chief Chris Perkins - warned his clients that the blue wave would be significantly bigger in Texas than national independent surveys were predicting based on his own internal polling for major Republican donor groups and almost two dozen statewide, legislative and congressional candidates in a state where more than a third lost to Democrats in the general election. GOP strategist Drew Lawson, who's relatively new to the hired gun consulting ranks in Texas, helped powerful State Senator Joan Huffman of Houston dodge a bullet in a re-election race that she might have lost if he hadn't come to the rescue in a race that other Republicans here had taken for granted.

Murphy Nasica had mixed results in a state where Democrats have posed little or no competition to the GOP candidates who it's represented in recent elections. But the firm that Craig Murphy and Matt Brownfield lead had a client pull a victory out of the hat that no one had expected when GOP State Rep. Dennis Bonnen of Angleton locked down a sufficient number of votes to be the next House speaker almost a week after the November vote. A couple of other House Republicans that Murphy Turner advised in the primary - State Reps. Drew Darby and Walter "Four" Price - had been the frontrunners in the race to replace Speaker Joe Straus until Bonnen emerged a belated candidate and left the competition in his wake. Murphy Nasica - however - hadn't had to worry about Bonnen, Price or Darby this fall in re-election races that they run without Democrats as obstacles.

But the spoils always go to the victors - and while the GOP still controls the Legislature and every statewide office here - the Democrats were the big winners in the Lone Star State in 2018. So here are the Texas political consultants who stole the show this fall.


James Aldrete
Most Valuable Consultant

Austin strategist James Aldrete had been the last of the Democratic Party's true go-to consultants in Texas heading into a 2018 election season that had more promise than usual with President Donald Trump as the GOP's leader and worst enemy midway through his first term. The emergence of Beto O'Rourke as a miracle maker in a U.S. Senate bid here had the hopes of Democrats soaring by the time the blended into the fall this year. Aldrete is an expert on the power of association in politics - having had important roles in both of Barack Obama's winning White House campaigns and bids by down-ballot Democrats who he'd shown how to capitalize on coattails that he'd helped create. Aldrete is one of the best in the business when it comes to guiding superstars, enemy exploitation and wave surfing for candidates who aren't leading the ticket but have what it takes to win when the climate is ripe.

It would probably be a stretch to say that the leader of the firm Message Audience & Presentation that's known as MAP had its most successful election this fall. It's hard to get better when you're already the gold standard for the party in the state where you live. But Aldrete posted the highest score by far on the political consultants report card for the general election this month in a state that might be going blue sooner than he'd anticipated thanks in no small part to MAP's work here this year.

Aldrete's main claim to fame at the national level has been as a consultant who translates campaigns into Spanish for the sake of Latino voter turnout. Obama was still a U.S. senator from Illinois when he turned to Aldrete for help in the 2008 primary battle with Hillary Clinton in a state where she had strong support in South Texas and other areas that are heavily Hispanic. Aldrete had the local knowledge that could show Obama how to finish second in the primary and still emerge from Texas with more delegates than Clinton with an unprecedented focus on precinct convention support on election night when Democrats were still staging their notorious two-step here.. Obama's turnout targeting operation in selective parts of Texas made it possible for the Democrats to pick up a half-dozen state House seats and one in the Senate here as well at the polls 10 years ago.

No one outside El Paso had ever heard of Beto O'Rourke at that point in time - and no one in their right mind could have ever imagined that a reality TV show host who'd lost tons of money in the casino industry would ever be the American president. But Aldrete had worked his way into position to make the most of the Trump-Beto blue wave as a consultant for more than a dozen Democrats in competitive races for Congress and the Legislature that almost all of them won. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee, the Democratic women group Annie's List and groups that trial lawyers had bankrolled all enlisted MAP as well to ensure that Democrats would be ready to ride the tide that turned out to be higher and more intense than any one of them had foreseen.

But Aldrete demonstrated that he's just as good at winning white votes as a consultant for Democrats John Bucy of Austin and James Talarico of Round Rock in victorious races for the Texas House in districts that the GOP had been attempting to defend this fall. Bucy beat Republican State Rep. Tony Dale of Cedar Park by almost 10 percentage points in a district that GOP leaders and legislators had drawn to be a safe red seat in the suburbs in Williamson County on the northern edge of the Austin area where almost 70 percent of the voting age population is Caucasian. Talarico defeated a Hispanic Republican who'd run as the favorite in a neighboring Williamson County district where almost six out of every 10 residents who are old enough to vote are white. Aldrete and MAP helped Dallas Democrat Julie Johnson lay the groundwork earlier this year for a successful state House bid with a direct mail blitz in a district where she clobbered a Republican incumbent who'd been a tea party hero by almost 14 points at the polls this month.

Aldrete helped a couple of Texas House Democrats play defense in districts where State Reps. Philip Cortez of San Antonio and Victoria Neave of Dallas were re-elected in districts that Republicans thought they'd have a good chance to take over in a midterm election with most of the GOP's statewide leaders on the ballot again. A freshman lawmaker who'd been dogged by bad publicity from a DWI arrest last year, Neave showed no effects whatsoever from the personal tribulation when she staved off a well-armed GOP challenger with more than 57 percent of the vote. Cortez had reclaimed a House seat two years ago in a swing district where a Republican had knocked him out of the House in the 2014 midterm election that had been disastrous for down-ballot Democrats. Cortez waltzed to a new term when he captured more than 57 percent of the vote himself three weeks ago.

Aldrete helped point Democratic State Senator Sylvia Garcia to victory in an open congressional race in the Houston area where she'd been a prohibitive favorite while advising U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey of Fort Worth in a general election duel that a GOP foe had no chance to win. Aldrete client Sheryl Cole of Austin had declared a tentative victory when she came from behind to win a primary runoff this spring before crushing a token opponent who the Republicans had recycled with more than 82 percent of the fall vote.

Aldrete came up short as the consultant for a Democrat in a race for the Texas House in Dallas County in a district where the Democrats' odds will soar in 2020 if Trump runs for re-election and O'Rourke is a candidate for president or the U.S. Senate again. An Aldrete candidate held a Republican to 50 percent in an open congressional race in a district where the Democrats will have a better shot at winning in two years if Trump is leading the enemy ticket.

Aldrete demonstrated once again the danger that he poses to the Republicans when the playing field isn't slanted dramatically in the GOP's favor like it has been in Texas throughout the current century. The grass in the MAP sights could be tinged with a light shade of blue after Aldrete gets his next shot in two years.


Matt Angle & Lisa Turner
Most Valuable Team

The veteran political professionals who operate the Lone Star Project had been waging a battle that they had no chance to win ever since the powerful Democratic congressman who'd been their employer had his district dismantled in Tom DeLay's redistricting blitz more than a dozen years ago. But Matt Angle and Lisa Turner had refused to throw the towel in despite the perennial defeats that they'd been destined to suffer in a state where the Democrats had forgotten how to win until now.

The perseverance finally paid off in 2018 when the Lone Star Project pair turned a network that they'd put in place in the Dallas-Fort Worth area into a station where a long list of Democratic candidates were waiting for a ride on the Beto O'Rourke express that blew through the state like a bullet train on steroids this fall. Capitalizing on O'Rourke's meteoric popularity and a backlash against President Donald Trump that national polling failed to detect, Angle and Turner helped Beto bring the blue wave to Texas in a way that made it worth much more than in the grand scheme of things than a close finish in a singular statewide race could ever do.

The Fort Worth consulting firm that the Lone Star Project chief's brother leads - Angle Mastagni Mathews - had a pivotal part as well in the victories that Democrats celebrated in Texas and other states this fall. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on polling, research and other services that veteran strategist J.D. Angle's team provided here and beyond as Democrats took the U.S. House back with the help of victories in districts where Colin Allred of Dallas and Lizzie Pannill Fletcher of Houston ousted incumbent Republicans.

Nobody hates losing any more than the Angle brothers even though they'd grown accustomed to it in a state where the Democrats had been relegated to irrelevant throughout most of the past decade. The last midterm election here had been a nightmare for the Angles as major players in the catastrophic Wendy Davis campaign for governor that left lowered the bar on rock bottom to a new level here for the party that had controlled Texas for more than a century up until the late 1990s. That had to make the taste of payback as sweet as it gets at the ballot box this month.

The Lone Star Project duo - using money that they'd raised from donors - offered strategy expertise and research services that have been their bread and butter to a half-dozen Democrats who ended up wrestling Texas House seats from the GOP in the general election this month. Angle and Turner had instrumental roles in the House races that Austin Democrats John Bucy and Vikki Goodwin won when they unseated a pair of incumbent House Republicans who'd had much larger war chests - and they helped guide Democratic challenger Gina Calanni of Katy to victory in a fight with a GOP lawmaker in a House district in the Houston suburbs. The LSP pair had key parts in wins that Dallas County Democrats Rhetta Bowers of Garland, Ana-Maria Ramos of Richardson and John Turner of Dallas claimed in districts where Republicans were on the defensive.

Every winning candidate who had the Lone Star Project in their corner on the House battlefield had to overcome significant disadvantages in districts that were drawn to be safely Republican by GOP leaders and legislators in Austin in 2011. But the most significant accomplishment for Turner and Angle probably came when Democrat Beverly Powell of Burleson ousted GOP State Senator Konni Burton of Colleyville in a Tarrant County district that had more Republicans than the areas in and around Dallas where Democratic nominees prevailed in House races. The LSP leaders appeared to be more heavily involved in the Powell campaign that handed Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and tea party forces their most painful loss on the Texas ballot in 2018. Angle and Turner provided critical services to the Texas Democratic Party, the Democratic women group Annie's List, the House Democratic Campaign Committee and the Texas Values in Action PAC that has been bankrolled mostly by trial lawyers in the DFW area.

The Lone Star Project did the most damage in the Metroplex where Angle and Turner learned the lay of the political landscape from a world-class mentor in Martin Frost - a longtime lawmaker who'd chaired the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the House Democratic Caucus during the final third of a 26-year stint on Capitol Hill. The gig with Frost had ended when the Texas Legislature redesigned the U.S. House map to ensure that the boss and several other Democratic colleagues here couldn't win re-election in 2004. But the operatives on Frost's team were trained to be warriors like the boss had been when he decided to run against Republican U.S. Pete Sessions in a solid red district on the DeLay map instead of waving the white flag in surrender as an acknowledgement of defeat.

Angle had been Frost's chief of staff in addition to double-duties as the director at the DCCC and the party caucus. Turner had gone to work for Frost after a stint as a congressional aide on Amarillo Democrat Bill Sarpalius' staff before the former state senator from the Panhandle fell victim to the Republican revolution that Newt Gingrich had helped engineer at the polls in 1994. Turner's husband - current State Rep. Chris Turner of Grand Prairie - had been on Frost's staff as well before signing on with Chet Edwards as the only Texas Democrat in Congress to survive in the initial election on the DeLay map. Democratic U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey of Fort Worth had been on the Frost team with Angle and the Turners before an eight-year stint in the Texas House that ended when he won a promotion to Congress in 2012. Veasey and Angle have been major players in the battle that Democrats have waged at the courthouse over the legislative and redistricting plans that Republicans at the statehouse in Austin approved almost eight years. Veasey had help from the Lone Star Project in a blowout re-election victory in the face of opposition from a Republican who had no chance to win.

Ten years had gone passed since the Lone Star Project helped Wendy Davis win the Texas Senate seat in Tarrant County in the district that Powell will be representing when the regular legislative session convenes in January. J.D. Angle had been Davis' campaign manager in the disastrous race that Republican Governor Greg Abbott won in a 20-point blowout four years ago. But Angle and Angle and the teams that they led demonstrated the importance of resilience in the contact sport of politics by seizing with a vengeance on the opportunity that the Democrats in Texas had with O'Rourke leading the ticket in Trump's long shadow.



Specialist Consultants Get 50 Percent
Texas Statewide Race Victory 7
Legislature Tier-One Victory 5
Congress Tier-One Victory 5
Legislature Tier-Two Victory 2
Congress Tier-Two Victory 2
Legislature Tier-Three Victory 2
Congress Tier-Three Victory 2
Legislature Competitive Race Loss 1
Congress Competitive Race Loss 1

Bonus Points

House Speaker Race Winner Consultant 10
Beto O'Rourke Major Texas Consultant 10
Texas Challenger Victory 4
Major Political Action Committee 4
Major Party Political Committee 3
Mid-Major Political Action Committee 2
Other Political Action Committees 1
Note: The scoreboard includes strategists who worked as general consultants on multiple campaigns even though they had specialty roles for some of the candidates who are included on the list.


Texas Legislature Tier-One Winners

Democrats: Beverly Powell, Nathan Johnson, Erin Zwiener, Vikki Goodwin, John Talarico, John Bucy, Ana-Maria Ramos, Terry Meza, Rhetta Bowers, John Turner, Julie Johnson, Gina Calanni, Jon Rosenthal, Michelle Beckly, Victoria Neave

Republicans: Joan Huffman, Sarah Davis, Dwayne Bohac, Angie Chen Button, Morgan Meyer, Matt Shaheen, Jonathan Stickland

Texas Legislature Tier-Two Winners

Democrats: Philip Cortez, Mary Ann Perez

Republicans: Kelly Hancock, Angela Paxton, Charles Schwertner, J.M. Lozano, Leff Leach, Craig Goldman, Bill Zedler, Tony Tinderholt, Steve Allison, Matt Krause, Brad Buckley, Sam Harless

Texas Legislature Tier-Three Winners

All of the other Texas House and Senate winners

Texas Congress Tier-One Winners

Democrats: Colin Allred, Lizzie Pannill Fletcher

Republicans: Ted Cruz, Will Hurd, John Carter, Dan Crenshaw, Michael McCaul, Pete Olson, Chip Roy, Kenny Marchant

Texas Congress Tier-Two Winners

Democrats: None

Republicans: Roger Williams, Ron Wright

Texas Congress Tier-Three Winners

All of the other U.S. House winners

Texas Challenger Victories

Democrats: Colin Allred, Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, Beverly Powell, Nathan Johnson, Vikki Goodwin, John Bucy, Ana-Maria Ramos, Terry Meza, Julie Johnson, Gina Calanni, Jon Rosenthal, Michelle Beckly

Republicans: None

Major Political Action Committees

Associated Republicans of Texas, Empower Texans, Texas House Leadership Fund, Texas Right to Life, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Texas Association of Realtors, Texas Medical Association, National Republican Congessional Committee, Republican National Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee, Democratic National Committee, Annie's List, Texas Association of Trial Lawyers, Texans for Insurance Reform, Democratic National Committee, FTC PAC, Texans Are, Trump Victory


James Aldrete Judy Foston

Matt Angle Lisa Turner






General Consultants
General Election Score
Primary, Runoff & General
Major Party Opposition
Minimum Five Clients


Craig Murphy, Matt Brownfield, Justin Epker, Ross Hunt, Joey Parr, Blake Reynolds, Sam Spahn, Stephanie Terek
Murphy Nasica & Associates

General: Greg Abbott, Steve Allison, Dwayne Bohac, Angie Chen Button, Linda Koop, J.M. Lozano, Ron Simmons, Associated Republicans of Texas, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, #Projectredtx

Runoff: Bech Bruun, Kevin Roberts, Steve Allison, Keith Bell, Cody Harris, Reggie Smith, Associated Republicans of Texas, Texas House Leadership Fund, Texas Alliance for Life, Life PAC, Associated Texas Professional Eduators. Primary: Pete Olson, Pete Sessions, Kevin Roberts, William Negley, Dib Waldrip, Kel Seliger, Cindy Burkett, Trent Ashby, Ernest Bailes, Dennis Bonnen, Greg Bonnen, Angie Chen Button, Giovanni Capriglione, Scott Cosper, Drew Darby, Jay Dean, Charlie Geren, Justin Holland, Ken King, Linda Koop, John Kuempel, Lyle Larson, Will Metcalf, Chris Paddie, Dade Phelan, Walter "Four" Price, Hugh Shine, Ed Thompson, Jason Villalba, John Wray, Steve Allison, Clint Bedsole, Keith Bell, Cody Harris, Charles Lauersdorf, Associated Republicans of Texas, Texas House Leadership Fund, Texas Alliance for Life, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Texas Medical Association, Texas Association of Realtors, Life PAC, Arlington Police Association



Luke Macias
Macias Strategies

General: Konni Burton, Kyle Biedermann, Matt Krause, Matt Schaefer, Matt Rinaldi, Jonathan Stickland, Tony Tinderholt, Jonathan Boos, Deanna Metzger, Jared Patterson, Steve Toth, Empower Texans, Texas Right to Life, North Texas Conservative Coalition

Runoff: Matt Beebe, Brent Lawson, Thomas McNutt, Deanna Metzger, Jill Wolfskill, Empower Texans, Texans for Vaccine Choice. Primary: Konni Burton, Bob Hall, Kyle Biedermann, Briscoe Cain, Matt Krause, Matt Rinaldi, Matt Schaefer, Tony Tinderholt, Matt Beebe, Jonathan Boos, Drew Brassfield, Chris Carnahan, Emily Cook, Susanna Dokupil, Chris Evans, Chris Fails, Bo French, Kevin Fulton, Reginald Grant, Brandon Hall, Jason Huddleston, Phillip Huffines, Brent Lawson, Thomas McNutt, Armin Mizani, Deanna Metzger, Jared Patterson, Mark Roy, Bryan Slaton, Steve Toth, Jay Wiley, Jill Wolfskill, Texans for Vaccine Choice



James Aldrete
Message Audience Presentation

General: Justin Nelson, Marc Veasey, Sylvia Garcia, Joseph Kopser, Philip Cortez, Bobby Guerra, Victoria Neave, John Bucy, Brandy Chambers, Sheryl Cole, Julie Johnson, Trey Martinez Fischer, James Talarico, Annie's List, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, House Democratic Campaign Committee, Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Texans for Insurance Reform, TOP PAC

Runoff: Sheryl Cole. Primary: Marc Veasey, Sylvia Garcia, Sheryl Cole, Trey Martinez Fischer, Lillian Salerno, James Talarico



Jordan Berry
Berry Communications

General: Ken Paxton, Joan Huffman, Charles Schwertner, Cole Hefner, Scott Sanford, Matt Shaheen, James White, Terry Wilson, Mayes Middleton, Texans for Lawsuit Reform,

Runoff: Chip Roy, Thomas McNutt. Primary: Ken Paxton, Craig Estes, Joan Huffman, Charles Schwertner, Dustin Burrows, Cole Hefner, Mike Lang, Tan Parker, Scott Sanford, Drew Springer, Terry Wilson, Garrett Boersma, Mike Canon, Mayes Middleton, New Leadership PAC



Jerod Patterson, Sara Patterson
Patterson & Company

General: Sarah Davis, Reggie Smith, Ken Strange, Associated Republicans of Texas, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Texas House Republican Caucus, Texas Association of Realtors

Runoff: Lance Gooden, Reggie Smith, Associated Republicans of Texas, LIFE PAC, Williamson County Concerned Citizens PAC. Primary: Lance Gooden, Jason Isaac, Craig Estes, John Cyrier, Scott Cosper, J.D. Sheffield, Lynn Stucky, Gary VanDeaver, Dave Campbell, Jim Largent, Ken Strange, Reggie Smith, Linda Timmerman, Associated Republicans of Texas, Texas Parent PAC, Texas Alliance for Life, Life PAC



Eric Bearse
Bearse & Company, Barrage LLC

General: Sarah Davis, Paul Workman, Cynthia Flores, Associated Republicans of Texas, Texas Association of Realtors

Runoff: Dan Crenshaw, Texas Stronger PAC. Primary: Christi Craddick, John Culberson, Craig Estes, Sarah Davis, Wayne Faircloth, Dan Flynn, J.M. Lozano, John Raney, Paul Workman, Shannon McClendon, Cynthia Flores, Jennifer Sarver, Texans for Joe Straus, Associated Republicans of Texas



Kevin Brannon
Brannon & Company

General: Ken Paxton, Angela Paxton, Craig Goldman, Jeff Leach, Ron Simmons, Candy Noble, Lisa Luby Ryan

Runoff: Bunni Pounds. Primary: Ken Paxton, Van Taylor, Jeff Leach, Ron Simmons, Candy Noble, Lisa Luby Ryan, Angela Paxton, Bunni Pounds



Keats Norfleet
Norfleet Strategies

General: Louis Gohmert, Kenny Marchant, Charles Schwertner, Dwayne Bohac, Stan Lambert, Cody Harris

Runoff: Cody Harris. Primary: Louis Gohmert, Charles Schwertner, Dwayne Bohac, Hugh Shine, John Zerwas, Sam Harless, Cody Harris, Texans for a Stronger Economy, Amarillo Matters, Texas Osteopathic Medical Association



Allen Blakemore
Blakemore & Associates

General: Dan Patrick, Paul Bettencourt, Donna Campbell, Bob Hall, Dwayne Bohac, Jim Murphy, Tom Oliverson, Michael Schofield, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, University of Houston PAC

Runoff: Thomas McNutt. Primary: Dan Patrick, Paul Bettencourt, Donna Campbell, Dwayne Bohac, Dan Huberty, Jim Murphy, Tom Oliverson, Mike Schofield, Kevin Roberts, Victor Leal, Texans for Lawsuit Reform



Drew Lawson
Lawson Strategies

General: Dan Patrick, Konni Burton, Joan Huffman, Giovanni Capriglione, Kyle Kacal, J.M. :Lozano, Geanie Morrison, Associated Republicans of Texas, Texans for Lawsuit Reform

Runoff: Ben Leman, Texans for Lawsuit Reform. Primary: Giovanni Capriglione, Kyle Kacal, Geanie Morrison, Associated Republicans of Texas, Texans for Lawsuit Reform



Chris Holman
Marathon Strategic Communications

General: Bill Flores, Michael McCaul, Pete Olson, Pete Sessions, Rodney Anderson

Runoff: Kevin Roberts. Primary: Kevin Brady, Bill Flores, Pete Olson, Pete Sessions, Jodey Arrington, Rodney Anderson, Bill Negley, Kevin Roberts, Kenneth Sheets, Kristin Tassin, Mary Waters, Associated Republicans of Texas






Specialist Consultants
General Election Score
Primary, Runoff & General
Major Party Opposition
Minimum Five Clients


Chris Perkins
Ragnar Research
GOP Polling

General: George P. Bush, Brian Babin, Randy Weber, Kenny Marchant, Chip Roy, Konni Burton, Donna Campbell, Charles Schwertner, Rodney Anderson, Angie Chen Button, Dwayne Bohac, Tony Dale, Linda Koop, J.M. Lozano, Rick Miller, Matt Rinaldi, Matt Shaheen, Ron Simmons, Jonathan Boos, Mayes Middleton, Lisa Luby Ryan, Associated Republicans of Texas, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Texas House Leadership Fund

Runoff: Scott Cosper, Steve Allison, Keith Bell, Cody Harris, Ben Leman, Reggie Smith, Texas House Leadership Fund, Associated Republicans of Texas, Texans for Lawsuit Reform. Primary: Greg Abbott, George P. Bush, Randy Weber, Donna Campbell, Craig Estes, Charles Schwertner, Kel Seliger, Ernest Bailes, Giovanni Capriglione, Travis Clardy, Scott Cosper, Dan Flynn, Charlie Geren, Mike Lang, Lyle Larson, Chris Paddie, John Raney, J.D. Sheffield, Hugh Shine, Ron Simmons, Lynn Stucky, Steve Allison, Clint Bedsole, Cindy Burkett, Sam Harless, Mayes Middleton, Candy Noble, Chip Roy, Reggie Smith, Steve Toth, Texas House Leadership Fund, Associated Republicans of Texas, Texans for Lawsuit Reform



Susan Lilly
Lilly & Company
GOP Fundraising

General: George P. Bush, Brian Babin, Kevin Brady, Michael Burgess, John Carter, Mike Conaway, Bill Flores, Kay Granger, Will Hurd, Michael McCaul, Pete Olson, John Ratcliffe, Randy Weber, Roger Williams, Robert Nichols, Tony Dale, Congressional Leadership Fund, Protect the House, National Republican Congressional Committee, New Republican PAC, A&M Leadership Committee, Texas Association of Business, Texas Health & Science PAC,

Runoff: Bech Bruun, Kevin Roberts, Steve Allison, Ben Leman, Joe Ruzicka, Texas Association of Business. Primary: George P. Bush, Brian Babin, Kevin Brady, Michael Burgess, John Carter, Mike Conaway, Bill Flores, Kay Granger, Will Hurd, Michael McCaul, Pete Olson, John Ratcliffe, Randy Weber, Roger Williams, Robert Nichols, Giovanni Capriglione, Travis Clardy, Tony Dale, Jay Dean, Linda Koop, Chris Paddie, Steve Allison, Bech Bruun, Ben Leman, Kevin Roberts, Texas Association of Business, National Republican Congessional Committee, Congressional Leadership Fund



Todd Olsen
Upstream Communications
GOP Technology>

General: Greg Abbott, Christi Craddick, Jeff Brown, John Carter, Mike Conaway, Bill Flores, Louie Gohmert, Roger Williams, Kyle Kacal, J.M. Lozano, Associated Republicans of Texas, Texas Republican Party, Keep the Senate Red

Runoff: Steve Allison, Associated Republicans of Texas. Primary: Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, Jeff Brown, Christi Craddick, John Carter, Mike Conaway, Bill Flores, Louis Gohmert, Roger Williams, Kel Seliger, Kyle Kacal, Ken King, Wayne Faircoth, Jason Isaac, Harold Ramm, Texans for Joe Straus, Associated Republicans of Texas



Spencer Neumann
Neumann & Company
GOP Mail

General: Kevin Brady, John Culberson, Dan Crenshaw, Charles Schwertner, Sarah Davis, Rick Miller, John Zerwas, Sam Harless, Associated Republicans of Texas, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Texans for a Stronger Economy, Texas Republican Party

Runoff: Dan Crenshaw, Ben Leman, Texans for a Stronger Economy. Primary: George P. Bush, Kevin Brady, John Culberson, Cecil Bell, Sarah Davis, Terry Wilson, John Zerwas, Sam Harless, Ben Leman, Rick Walker, Associated Republicans of Texas, Red Texas PAC



Jeff Norwood
Anthem Media
GOP Media

General: Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton, Mike Conaway, Van Taylor, Konni Burton, Bob Hall, Angela Paxton, Matt Rinaldi, Jonathan Boos, Steve Toth, Empower Texans, Texans for Lawsuit Reform

Runoff: Matt Beebe, Jill Wolfskill. Primary: Christi Craddick, Ken Paxton, Mike Conaway, Bob Hall, Kyle Biedermann, Angela Paxton, Richard Beyea, Emily Cook, Bo French, Bryan Slaton, Victor Leal, Armin Mizani, Van Taylor, Jill Wolfskill



Mike Baselice
Baselice & Associates
GOP Polling

General: Dan Patrick, Kevin Brady, Joan Huffman, Paul Workman, National Republican Congessional Committee, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, America First Action

Runoff: Republican National Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee. Primary: Dan Patrick, Bob Hall, Don Huffines, Walter "Four" Price, Paul Workman, Trey Blocker, Phillip Huffines, Victor Leal, Thomas McNutt, Kathaleen Wall, National Republican Congessional Committee, National Republican Committee



Allison McIntosh
The McIntosh Company
GOP Fundraising

General: Pete Sessions, Lance Gooden, Republican National Committee, Trump Victory, GOP Winning Women, Texans for Lawsuit Reform

Runoff: Lance Gooden, Jake Ellzey, Protect the House. Primary: Pete Sessions, Lance Gooden, Todd Hunter, Morgan Meyer, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Republican National Committee, National Republican Congessional Committee, A&M Political Action Committee



Jeff Crosby
Jeff Crosby Direct Mail
Democratic Mail

General: Abel Herrero, Joe Moody, Leo Pacheco, Annie's List, Texas Trial Lawyers Association

Runoff: Annie's List. Primary: Mary González, Donna Howard, Tracy King, Joe Moody, Sergio Munoz, Annie's List, Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Texas AFL-CIO, Texas State Teachers Association




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